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Nova Generacija - Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina

...an apolitical, nongovernmental and non-profit association of social workers and other professionals in the field of social work.  

Welcome to New Generation's old website! This site is no longer active. Please visit our new website on www.novageneracija.org. Thank you!

Udruženje "Nova Generacija"

We are very proud of our projects which target children and youth. In addition to the Older Brother-Older Sister project, New Generation has implemented numerous social projects, including:

  •  “Emergency Shelter for Children” (with Center for Social Work - Banja Luka),
  •  “Recreation and Rehabilitation of the Children of Republika Srpska – Kumbor 2004” (with the Public Fund for Child Protection of the Republika Srpska),
  •  “Prevention and protection of the mental health of children in primary and secondary schools” (with the Association of Psychologists - Republika Srpska),
  •  “Promotion of Foster Families” (with Center of Social Work - Banja Luka and Pro Familia),
  •  “Promotion and Development of Volunteerism” (with the Youth Communication Center),
  •  “Second Chance for School” (under the sponsorship of Save the Children UK),
  •  “Alcoholism and Rehabilitation – AA Club” (with the Union of Social Work Students of Banja Luka University),
  •  “Education of youth without parental care for life in the local community”,
  •  “Project for Life” (with Amici dei Bambini, Pro Familia, Center for Social Work Banja Luka, the Association of Foster Families), and many other projects.

Most of the projects and programs which are implemented by New Generation are focused on children and youth. Our target group are children and youth who are on the margins of our society. These include children in orphanages, children in foster families, children with disabilities, children in medical institutions, and juvenile delinquents, but we also work youth and children in schools.





With the Center for Social Work Banja Luka, we are implementing a "Emercency Shelter for Youth" and kids who run away from home, who are begging for money in the street, who are victim of trafficking, etc. Our volunteers are trying to help them through shelter, workshops, etc, while professionals from the Center for Social work are providing legal services.

One of the programs, “Recreation and Rehabilitation of Children of Republika Srpska” was focused on all categories of youth and children in risk. The program was implemented among children with mental or physical disabilities, and with children who are extremely talented, but are from poor families. The groups were mixed, and all participants were able to meet others from different environments, to learn from others and to learn about other participants.

In schools we have worked with all kids and youth. One problem in Bosnia is that our school system does not have social workers, and only few have a psychologist on site. This means that our kids do not have professionals who can recognize problem in its early stages. They do not have anyone to speak with them about their problems, and to give them good, professional advice. Because of that, we worked to prove that social worker can and must be involved in school programs, and that they can help in preserving the mental health of our kids. We succeeded and in the Law of Primary and Secondary Education there is now a recommendation for employing social workers and psychologists as members of the team who will work on primary prevention in mental health.

Second chance for school” is project that helped juvenile delinquents who quit school, to return and finish their education. It was an extremely successful project.

Promotion and development of volunteerism"with the Youth Communication Center), was a program which designed to give young people the opportunity to participate in all areas of social life in the local community.

All of our other projects are also focused on children and youth who are in risk or who are marginalized. Our organization, from its beginning, without previous intention, started to work with children and youth, and for in the last few years has continued working with this target group. We are one of the few organizations in our country to focus specifically on children and youth.

Most of different components of our programs are not dependent on funding, so we are able to run programs continuously, staying focused on our target group – children and youth. Of course, the quality of programs and their intensity depends partly on funding, but we are trying to keep the quality of our services on the same level whether we have funds or not.